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Digital Marmalade

Outside of digital engagement, Digital Marmalade has been producing digital solutions since 1997 (before mainstream Internet) for an impressive array of clients including NBCUniversal, The Royal Household, NHS, Dimension Data, NTT, Bauer Media & Wizarding World (Harry Potter Asset owner).

We're experts in delivering complex digital builds ranging from high volume eCommerce websites like Monarch Airlines to third sector support sites such as Charity Choice to powerful learning platforms exclusively developed for Sport Wales. From bespoke CMS to full business security management platforms we have huge experience in the digital sector and the key fundamentals that underpin everything we do - no-one is left behind!

What makes us different is our digital experience coupled with our high retention of staff means a quality service built on our reputation. Two things our clients consistently say to us

  • 1. “You always deliver” - our honed production process means we always deliver, something that should be a bare minimum for an agency, but one that we excel in

  • 2. “Honesty” - we are not much for Jazz hands and more about dealing in reality. So we will challenge the norm, push for the right long term solutions and be honest about budgets, timings and expectations - so everybody plays their part and we deliver a solution that works for all.

If you have a few minutes go and check our website where you can have a lot more information: Digital Marmalade.

Other user engagement tools

Sticky puzzles are just one of the many things that we do at Digital Marmalade.

Merging our sporting heritage with our knowledge of puzzles we have developed a series of sports-related assets such as Know Your Cricket (developed in association with Middlesex CCC) and Know Your Football (used by Norwich City, Portsmouth, Plymouth). Alongside that, we have sports-themed puzzles as well as classics such as Spot the Ball, Sliding Puzzles or turn-based phone concepts such as Penalty Shootout or Top Trumps.

Alongside that, we can produce event-specific content - such as Brexit Headcoach or David Silva (when he became the fastest player to achieve 200 Premier League wins)

Beyond Puzzles: Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Digital Marmalade, a seasoned digital agency with 20+ years of experience, delivers digital solutions embodying stability, scalability, flexibility, and results — just like Sticky Puzzles!

We've completed diverse projects for clients like NHS, NTT, International Paper, iDEA, Telegraph, Dimension Data, and LMA, ranging from small businesses to global enterprises across various industries.

Leveraging our vast experience, we provide genuine, unbiased advice to achieve your business goals. As a confident, skilled team, we embrace challenges and take pride in our work and reputation.

Discover more about Digital Marmalade — the force behind Sticky Puzzles and your one-stop digital service provider.

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