Three steps to integrated puzzles

Create the puzzle, upload it to the Platform and get the output. As simple as that. The Sticky Puzzle platform will take care of generating the output with the relevant branding.

Multiple source options

Easily manage...

Through Sticky Puzzles, you have control over the puzzles that your different titles and brands should receive, and also when and how they should be published through a simple interface.

Puzzles can be pre-loaded in batch leaving you free to get on with the rest of your job knowing your puzzle output is taken care of.

Features and benefits

*(subject to integration requirements)

Integrated distribution

The self contained fully responsive puzzle can be published in whatever way suits you. Whether this is publishing it to an AWS S3 bucket, uploading it using SFTP, or creating a zip and emailing or making it downloadable, Sticky Puzzles can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Beyond Puzzles: Comprehensive Digital Solutions

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